Seniors Mobile Tech Course

Seniors will be working with the Samsung Galaxy.


Mar 7, 2023 | Tech Courses

Mobile Tech Course

In this free Tech Course, our members will learn tips and tricks to ensure they are understanding how to use their mobile device.

A mobile device is a general term for any type of handheld computer. These devices are extremely portable, and often they can fit in your hand. Some mobile devices like tablets, e-readers, and smartphones are designed powerful enough to do many of the same things you can do with your laptop or desktop pc.

For the Senior Mobile Tech Course our Seniors will be working with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. This is a great entry level mobile device as the Galaxy A7 Lite is a small, lite, mobile tablet with a wide 8.7” bright display. This mobile tablet is great device for getting our seniors familiar with using mobile devices, apps, mobile technology, and communicating with family and friends.